Oblong Hole Punch

An essential item for any bodyshop using MIG Brazing

Every job can be made easier if you have correct equipment. The reduced number of hours given by the insurance companies can be overcome by increasing productivity.

The Oblong Hole Punch will certainly save you time and …..save you money

With the new MIG Brazing standard due to be published shortly the importance of making an oblong hole for plug welding instead of a single hole will be emphasised..

There are two ways to make the correct hole: The slow and expensive way or the fast and professional way.

The slow and expensive way

· The slow way is to drill three holes next to each other and then lean up the burred edge between them Three holes every thirty seconds.
· 2 oblong slots per minute costs 25pence each. It doesn't sound much but 120 slots is £30, maybe one hour you have got from the insurance company.

The fast and professional way.

· Use the Oblong hole punch. This is eight times quicker than the slow way and it looks the business. 960 slots per hour.
· The Oblong hole punch will save you time and increase your productivity.
· The oblong hole punch is now available for every bodyshop.

Additional information

Why do you need an oblong hole?

When MIG Brazing the new High Strength Steel, it is important to have the correct equipment, wire, gas and technique.

MIG steel wire is used where the temperature at the tip is 1500 degrees. At this temperature the welding process melts the panels together whilst the wire is used as a filler. With MIG Brazing the temperature is only around 900 degrees and the metal does not melt. The brazing wire flows between the panel and acts a bit like a glue.

Traditionally when plug welding with MIG steel wire, a small 6mm hole is easy to fill correctly. Enough heat gets to both panels (the metal melts) and the result is perfect.

When MIG Brazing a plug weld it is vital to fill up an oblong hole rather than a small hole. The reason for this is that there is not enough heat transferred through the .6mm hole into the bottom panel. The MIG brazing wire has to flow into the hole and also between the panels. Without the heat on the bottom panel the result will not be good.

Using the hole punch

1 Clean the surface of the panel you wish to weld and also the surface of the inner panel. MIG brazing does not work if the is paint on the surfaces.
2 Fit the hole punch onto the upper panel and clamp both handles together. The result will be a perfect oblong hole.

This hole punch is ideal for panels up to .8mm thick. It may be possible to work on 1mm panels but it will be very tough.

Without the hole punch, the only way to prepare a panel for MIG Brazing is to drill a series of three little holes together making an oblong hole. This is time consuming and expensive.

Without doubt the Oblong Hole Punch is the correct tool for the job and will increase productivity and save you money.

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